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6:00PM ~ Meal 6:30PM ~ Large Group 7:30PM ~ Share Groups 8:30PM ~ Café  


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Many believe recovery is only for drug addicts and alcoholics. Celebrate Recovery believes we are all in need of repentance and recovery because we have all sinned and have all been sinned against. We use various things in our attempt to escape from, or mask our pain, disappointment, anger, frustration or boredom. Since we live in a sinful world and have all been hurt, and hurt others, this pain causes us to create self-protective strategies with the hope of preventing future pain. These strategies become hang-ups and habits which then cause us to continue making the same destructive choices. It is critical that we stop these destructive behaviors that are wrecking our lives and many times those around us; however, in order to permanently stop we must get to the root of what drives us to those behaviors. We have learned that if we do not deal with these destructive behaviors, then as soon as life becomes difficult again, we will go back to our habit or exchange it for a new one. Using the eight recovery principles (based on The Sermon on the Mount), the 12 steps with scripture references, and Celebrate Recovery curriculum, these harmful self-protective strategies are uncovered. As we begin to accept God’s grace and healing, we begin to grow spiritually. We become free from our compulsive and dysfunctional behaviors. This freedom creates peace, serenity, joy, and most importantly, a stronger relationship with God and others. Because we were created for relationship, the more authentic the relationship, the more connected we’ll feel. To be seen and understood, appreciated and loved for who we are is our greatest desire, because loving and being loved unconditionally is loving as God loves us. Celebrate Recovery provides a safe and welcoming place to begin and continue this healing process.  No matter what you struggle with, whether your problem is chemical, emotional, spiritual, sexual or relational, we have a place for you.  If you are interested in learning to live more authentically while working on your own “hurts, hang-ups, and habits,” join us for     Celebrate Recovery at Church at Winder!